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White Monument Company is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and has been providing cemetery memorials to its surrounding counties since 1996. The folks at White Monument Company want to extend to you our knowledge of the memorialization process and our memorial design experience. Working together, we’ll help you to design a memorial that will stand as a lasting visual tribute to your loved one. As a family operated memorial company, our reputation relies on our integrity and the high standards to which our skilled craftsmen adhere. We take pride in providing personal service on a professional level and in our ability to produce custom crafted memorials at an affordable price. If you have a quote from another dealer, chances are, we can beat it.


Headstones, sometimes referred to as upright monuments or upright memorials, stand in an upright position on a proportionately 

sized base.



Flat Markers, sometimes referred to as grass markers, sit flush to the ground and are usually rectangular in shape. They can be fitted with a  bronze plaque as well.


Bevel Markers are thicker than flat markers and have a slightly upward slope to the face making them easier to read.


Slant Markers have a taller back than beveled markers.  The face of the memorial is slanted upward and back and can be placed on a proportionately sized base.


INSCRIPTION: Memorial personalization begins with names and dates.  However, most family members like to include additional words of remembrance.

ARTISTIC DETAIL: Artwork engraved into a memorial not only enhances its appearance, but allows for you to personalize it in a way that reflects your values, beliefs, or interests.

COLORS: The most commonly used colors are various shades of grey, black, or red. But in order to meet your needs, we offer a wide selection of colors from North American granite quarries as well as those imported from around the world.






Serving Bucks County and the surrounding area

Bristol: 215-788-7128

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